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Meet One of Britain's Most Notorious Reformed Criminals: Walking Heavy

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Flesh And Blood the story of the Krays

Dumbing Down University

Patrick "Pat" Condell (born 1949 or 1950)[2] is a writer, polemicist, and former stand-up comedian. In his early career he wrote and performed in alternative comedy shows during the 1980s and 1990s in London, winning the Time Out Comedy Award in 1991. He was also formerly a regular panelist on BBC Radio 1's Loose Talk programme. In early 2007 he began uploading on to the internet short filmed monologue polemics primarily about religious authority, authoritarianism in government and left-wing politics, and the societal effects of Muslim immigration into Europe, which have appeared on many websites, including YouTube and LiveLeak. They have also been published on DVD, and also as a book of video transcripts. As of December 2015, Condell's YouTube channel has over 250,000 subscribers and nearly 60,000,000 video views, and he has over 45,000 followers on Twitter.